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This is the pics page. In this page you will find ffvii & ffviii pics, doujinshi, fanart, and some animated gifs.


The New Sephiroth ^_^

oooo, this is a cool one!

A nice group picture of ffviii

Cute! ^_^

He looks so troubled, i wish that i could comfort him......

A Day Out

Group Pic!

What's up with this barnicle?

Awwww Chibi Vincent! So Kawaii!


Selphie is so cute in this pic!

Woah, that's a little scary

I posted this one for my BEST FRIEND Kelsie! ^_^


Doesn't this remind you of your 16 year old sister?

I see the light!

And remember, boys and girls, stay away from drugs and brush your teeth!

Is it me, or does Selphie look like Card Captor Sakura?

Awwww poor Seifer! That must hurt! Let me kiss it to make it better!

The Mother and Son bond.........

How can Cloud have a Sephiroth reflection?

A cool pic of sephy!

Country style, baked beans. They attract purty men!

Why does every guy that has long, dark hair, look like they are related 2 me?

Ummm, squall, please, for the childern's sake! DON'T BEND OVER LIKE THAT!

Sephy in a red background

Aww, look at them, they are so cute!

I like this picture, it expresses Squall's attitude very well, BORING!

Laguna, the cutie pie of the century!