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Welcome to my Vampire Princess Miyu page!
This story is about a girl in junior high, who discovers
who she really is... a
vampire princess!
Along with her guardian,
Larva. Their duty is to fight *shinma and send
them back to the darkness.
( *the word for demon in japanese also spelled shin-ra,
shinra,or shima ) This story is one of my favorites,
it has love,
action, and I can relate
the main
character to myself.
I HIGHLY recomend this
book/anime to everyone. I mean,
even my mom liked it!

This is Miyu.
One of the things that I like about this
series is that the art is very beautiful
and colorful

Miyu and Larva.
This is the japanese album cover I have
the english version, nothing is different
except the covers. *NOTE* The music is
still in it's original beautful state which
means that all the words are japanese and
the songs are the real full version. If you
want to buy it. If you do, you can get it
at Suncoast, which is in Summit
mall in Ohio.