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Legend of the Dragoon
This page is dedicated to one of the best
ps one games around! Legend of the Dragoon! This game is about a young man named Dart and his companions
as they discover the power to control the dragon species.I know this game looks kinda old for it's
but you'll get used to the blocky bodies, hey the original ff7 graphics were worse!(not to critisize)
I hope you'll enjoy this game as much as I did.
I recomend this game to final fantasy fans and to people who are just starting out on the RPG game era.

A doujinshi of Rose
Meru doing an ice attack

Detailed description of a product. This description could include: Basic information about the line of products and any information that you might use to describe your product. $ 19.95
This is what the cover of the game looks like
The game is a four disk set and
the price ranges from about
15.00-20.00 but if you
get a real bargain, then you can
get it for 10.00 or less! That's
what I payed for a brand-new one
at toys r' us!

This is Shana doing "Moonlight"

In this picture, you can clearly see the blocky bodies.

Another blocky one.
As you can see in the pictures( above, and the right ) you can see all the details that go into each cut-scene, despite the blocky bodies! It's almost better than Squaresoft!

Yet another detailed picture. You can even see the lines in the armored pants and the dragoon armor.

Ummm this is Lloyd's girlfriend. I think she's too ugly for him! lol